Real Time sessions in SLC have resumed, though My booking dates are scarce. Can you blame a Mistress as beautiful as I, for wanting to spend My time with a REAL man that will never be you? Haha, that is why losers like you have to buy My attention, and pay for My pics! 

Speaking of paying Me, I suggest you download Circle Cash app to your phone, as that's what I use to take your tributes. The abundance of amazon gift cards is nice, but nothing makes Me smile more than seeing your CASH transferring into My bank account. 

  On a happier note for you worms- Miss HarliQueen is regularly visiting SLC, even though she has relocated to Portland. This means Double Domme sessions are back, if your tiny manhood can handle it. As you can guess, you are not worthy of her attention, so at this time the only way to serve Miss Dominatrix HarliQueen is through double sessions with Me. 

My kink quickies have been growing in popularity :) As you guessed, I'm just too busy for you, haha! I've had fun dishing out a few lashes and kicking pathetic worms during My daily down time. Consultations and cash meets have been filling what little last min time I have as well, but remember that if you want something more than a slap to satisfy your urges and keep you in line, you will still have to book any session longer than 1 hour in advance. I do not tend to do same day meets, but as you can imagine, a few boys grow quite frightened upon realizing the reality of meeting Me face-to-face, so they flake. This is why adding Me via kik works well, for those of you wish to serve Me at any moment I demand. It's the fastest way to contact Me, because the only way you will get My phone number is if you pay for My phone. So click the link to show your true devotion, or just send a little something for Me to be pampered with spa treatments. It's not easy being this much better than you, or any other woman you may know, as I require upscale luxury. 

The website password for March is !@&%#

HAHA! That’s for members only! And just how do you become a member?


March is already here, and it seems I need to clarify a few things because, to no surprise, some of you poor little subs are a bit dull. SLAVES DO NOT ANSWER MY EMAILS OR PRIVATE MESSAGES! This is probably why I take so long to reply, haha! There has been concern that My ‘media whores’ or ‘social sluts’ as I call them, schedule bookings and send replies. While some Mistresses may do that in order to utilize their time, I do not. I like to know as much as I can about those who wish to serve Me, so I answer all questions personally and privately. I do not disclose any of the emails sent to Me with anyone else, unless the sender is inquiring about one of My Femdom friends, in which case I would forward the entire email.

You’re weak little mind is now wondering what a social slut is… A ‘social slut’, is a submissive who serves Me by spreading the Gospel of Miss Vicious all over social media. Retweets, sharing on facebook, reposts on IG, posting My banners in forums, etc. What a better way to spend your free time than staring at My pictures and ads as you post them all over the net! I know you would be staring at them anyways, so why not make yourself useful?

A social slut is not the same as a promo piggy though! Promo piggies have a special place… under My boot! Haha!! This is because piggies pay for My ads, posters, prints, merch, etc. As you can imagine, a piggy gets pet, while a slut begs for My attention. However, both can be either local or online.

This seems like a prime opportunity for a contest… Any sub, slave, or sissy to spam My ads, forwards to My website, retweets, etc will be entered in this month’s contest. The winner will receive a private kik video chat with none other than ME -of course!

Are you subscribed to My twitter? (@VICIOUSfemdom) I have taken to posting some ‘free tasks’ whenever I find Myself too busy to do things such as research realty, track down a certain pair of heels, mail My packages, and other chores, which are usually local. Check it out! You might find that you are more useful to Me than you thought.


Once again I have a pair of very well worn black thigh high boots - what can I say, they are My favorite style! These have been vigorously worn for at least a year. At first they were used as a fashion statement, but have since become My go-to pair when practicing pole. My dance routines are high energy, so these boots stink to high heaven! These seven inch heels are scratched and scuffed, and have collected all the sweat from My thighs to My bare toes! I am selling these used and abused boots for $150. They do not include socks or nylons as I always wore them with bare feet. If you wish to have a pair of My smelly socks inside, include a note when you purchase them from My ‘souvenir’ shop.

March Madness I have finally converted a wonderful friend of mine into the world of Femocracy! You have have seen the new “Muscle Mistress” on backpage and other sites popping up. She is a dear friend of mine who is a professional trainer of over 15 years! She is everything a little worm like you could dream of, with powerful thighs and toned arms perfect for choking you out! HAHA!! I certainly can’t wait to see her kick your ass. I’ll soon be helping her open her own clip store, so aside from real time wrestling sessions with her, you can also co-star as the Muscle Mistress’ new guinea pig.

Members area has moved to iwantfanclub. Special thanks to Twitter slave @nrd_photo for the recommendation.

After a year of hoping OnlyFans would get their act together, I am leaving that site for good. As some of you may recall it was working fine, until about a year ago, and My live streams began to lag, and mobile posts never fully uploaded. It's a real shame because it was one of very few options for private mobile streaming. So with all that being said- live mobile streams will be moved to a periscope account, however it will be completely private one to ensure all members discretion. This means it will not be linked to My ViciousFemdom Twitter account either. I'll try to keep My streams to being on a scheduled basis, but many of you know already that I am not good with following rules 😼

Click here to join

I want fanclub will have clips, pics, video diary, blog posts (hopefully, if not then links), items for sale, and of course links to private unsolicited live streams as mentioned before.

New Femdom Friends!

While I still play with long time friend Harliqueen, her and I share more then slaves, we also share a few hard limits. Luckly, I have come into some very good company, a woman I am happy to call a friend as well.

Introducing: Mean Mommy Georgia Peaches! Age players and littles can rejoice. For a long time I have drawn My personal limits at a soiled nappy, however Miss Georgia takes great pleasure in nurturing, motherly, fantasy play. She is much more than an average mommy though. There is a cruelty to her tender touch as she corrects your bad baby behavior as any superior woman would.

New year = New slaves!!

As usual, a new year is a big time of reflection for Me. It's often the time I assess and determine the quality of slaves I surround Myself with. Rather than writing about My all time dream-sub (lol) I've decided to just make a list of skills that could lift some weight from My own daily chores. So should you be wishing to serve Me in a way that may not require financial compensation or a tribute of gifts, now is the time to prove your worth -litetally!

  • House slave

  • Photographer slave

  • Reporter /promo slave

  • Bar bitch

  • Chauffeur

  • Social media slut

The position of house slave is one that has been posted so many times, I don't care to describe it in detail anymore. It's just as it sounds, but don't expect it to be free. Should you be wealthy and experienced enough, you may apply to serve an entire household of various Dominas. Needless to say, it's not for newbs.


I've taken up many new hobbies and past times. As some of you have been aware I was doing management of a bar as well as several entertainers. This has extended into promotional duties for an additional night club as well. Obviously I can't spend every night at club events or taking photos of bar contests, I do require much beauty sleep after all. This is where a new type of slave may be considered: If you are able to complete late night tasks, hopping from bars to hanging up flyers at coffee shops, you might have what it takes to be My promo slave. If late nights are not permitted in your schedule but you still wish to better My life, then perhaps you would be better suited as My bar bitch.

I'm going to begin bar tending again and this means lots of dirty tables, filthy kegs, and a big smoking patio that needs detailing. If you are available weekday afternoons and wish to see Me smile, inquire about serving as a cleaning maid at My bar (cross dressing not required, haha!) The new 'bar bitch’ position may extend into weekend evenings -Friday and Saturday- assisting carabet and pole dancers for shows. This is a public bar, so do not think you can run around in a diaper or gimp gear. It will have a very vanilla appearance to the patrons, but I might just stick a vibrating butt plug inside you as a reminder that I'm in charge.

Between promotions of Myself, the bars, Vegan Boundary, and now an event blog, I’ll be needing a slave to take photos! Though you won't be obligated to appear in front of the lens, your duties would be capturing high quality photos of models, Mistresses, and of course Myself. This will require more than possessing a nice camera, dummies, and after the disaster that was super creep Austin Lindsay Photography, a portfolio will be required upon inquiry.

If you are wishing to serve Me through promotions but are unable to abide within My schedule, you should consider becoming My social media slut. This means controlling Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and various other platforms to retweet and repost promo pics and video of Myself and My other Femdom friends.

So many tasks, not enough slaves, haha! But most importantly, a chauffuer is what makes Me smile most 😺

So what now?

If you're wishing to become part of My owned property, inquire about becoming a house slave. If you want to serve Me on more personal level while increasing growth for Myself and/or My other businesses then send Me a message about being a promo slave, driver, or bar maid. And finally, online and RT sessions can now be booked again, but usually on Mon, Thurs, and Saturday. Check My Twitter for scheduling updates (@Viciousfemdom)

Until then, see you in the NEW FAN CLUB

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