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Nothing makes me more wet than rubbing your hard earned cash

all over my exposed body and perfect tits! 

greedy goth findom

Financial Domination is more than an easy buck for me, it's a true FETISH!

And I believe there is much more to Findom that just demanding money. 
As a sincere and powerful Mistress I desire FEMDOM overall, which means I just don’t own my slaves,

I own and control everything in their pathetic life! Go ahead and send your weekly or monthly tributes

to me -call it whatever you like- I own it all in the end anyways.  

Strict rules, firm dieting, harsh allowances, and budget training;

Personal collection and possession filtering are just a few extras for me to regulate.

Find out just how much I really love money by sending your cash and scheduling a cam session with me.

Dirty piggies like you  know I'm more deserving of it than you'll ever be!

Experience the freedom of surrender by giving me total control and giving up everything.  

You'll feel good knowing your labor and sacrifice is providing ME a life of luxury.
Fuck you, Pay me- I'll take your cash and leave you begging to give me more.

Financial Slavery

Surrender your all as a true slave in Financial Control and Therapy. Findom Play can include anything from providing weekly or monthly allowances to your Princess, restrictive budget for the submissive, wallet draining, and bank rape. Kinktax, Cumtax, and Fagtax may be applied; Contracts available for serious money slaves.  Financial Fetish can also be paired with Blackmail and Chastity for the maximum control you lust for. 


Serious slaves who want nothing more than to be under my complete control can feel the rush of our seductive secret- that everything you own belongs to me. Give me what I desire and maybe I won’t allow any incriminating photos or embarrassing secrets to fall into the wrong hands. If you do as I say, I won’t have to come to your office or your home to collect my tribute. Follow the rules and I won't have fax your wife the kinky contract you signed...

It’s advised to not test the boundaries of my destruction.
Click HERE for more information... 


financial domination utah

Chastity and Confinement
For the most devious of real time and online slaves- Keeping your little cock in check is easy when I own the key. I know you want to masturbate to my photos all day, so you can try to buy it back, or pay the cumtax to your Queen.  If you slip up and I catch you with a cock in your mouth, you will have to pay the fagtax as well.

Dirty sluts who try to pleasure themselves in any way without My permission will owe me kinktax

I don't play games, when you send me the key, your ass is mine!
Monthly holding fee: $200/month  +$100 for training & enforcement. 
Click HERE for more information...

Open money slave positions

Some of these are one-time / temporary pay pig opportunities and some are longer term money slave positions. Longer term positions will always include some personal chat time – the better you do, the more time/chat you will be granted with me. Real Time pay pigs may show their dedication to Me by gifting Me cash in person or spoil Me with various shopping sprees. The online money slavery positions on this page require you to have an amazon account or use your credit card with Cash App in order to send tribute. If you don’t have either of these accounts, you NEED to get one! NOW!

One-time / temporary 

Drive by paypig – There is always room for the random paypig who just wants to make a drive-by donation to ME!

So get out your wallet and start clicking for your new Goddess!

Pay piggies and wallet worms can send tribute via any of the following links –

use your credit card or cash app account. Or better yet, BOTH! Draining your accounts never made Me feel so good! 

Tribute securely and anonymously with your credit card through Cash App. By using this I get the most of your money and you’ll even get a reward photo after your payment clears. How awesome is that??
(Third party sites like NiteFlirt and OnlyFans take out a higher percentage which means you will have to send more)



Longer term un-owned money slave opportunities: 

House boy – I shouldn’t have to spend My time cleaning house or dungeon, and it’s *your* job to take care of that for Me.
Maid service: $150 per week.

Reward: Could involve a weekly session, play time, or assisting Me with my personal needs.

Shoe boy – As many slaves know, I love shoes! And a girl can never have too many shoes!

My shoe-shine boy will be required to buy Me at least one new pair of shoes every 2 weeks for casual heels, or once a month for boots or other higher end exotic heels. I love stilettos and thigh high boots best, but also need shoes for gym and casual wear.

I will keep a wish list which you can choose from OR one lucky boy can take Me shoe shopping in person.

$150/month minimum.

Reward: For online, an exclusive hot pic of Me wearing the new shoes and a bi-weekly chat. Real Time shoe slaves get to clean, worship, and watch Me model my new heels face to face.


Online cuckold – I love to go out with My hot alpha male, he is a real man after all, and it will be your job to pay for My dates! $200/week.

Reward: Pics and whatever other “evidence” I might like to send you. Haha!




Adopt My bills – A slave’s main responsibility is to make the life of his Goddess easier.

 I give you the opportunity to adopt one or all of My monthly expenses. Choose from the list below and complete the slave application to take over the bill(s) you can afford to pay for Me. What a privilege!

$50/month Website hosting expense


$75/month Internet bill


$100/month Phone bill


$200/month Spa treatments


$300/month Car payment


$100 Crypto Investment Donation


$500 Biggest Loser Savings Donation


$50/month Gym membership


$75/month Mobile Phone bill


$150/month Gas & energy bill


$200/month Health Insurance


$400/month Groceries


    $250 Real Moron Savings Donation


$800/month mortgage payment

Send & Spend like a good little pig! Money can be sent via cash app ( or spend and spoil from My amazon wish list HERE. Send gift cards to 


Understand that any payments sent to Me from links on this page are donations only and NOT purchasing any service or product.

There are no refunds available for donations.

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