Live-in House slave 

Live-In house slaves are held accountable for ALL the household's needs, including but not limited to:

  • Monthly rent

  • Monthly utility costs

  • Yard/landscape upkeep

  • Household's maintenance

  • Overall cleanliness of the home 

  • Meal preparation

  • Party planning

    This is estimated to be valued at $2,500 per month or more. The approved house slave will be in the company of 3+ Mistresses ongoing, and additional Femdom Goddesses during social events hosted in the home. If agreed, the slave may be used or exposed to live camera streaming, photoshoots, and other types of fetish filming.

If becoming collared and owned by a multiple Mistress household is an interest of yours, and you are absolutely serious about moving forward in discussion with Me about this matter, contact Me via the form below. Upon contacting Me you agree that you are able to meet all financial requirements. If you are unable to meet such demands that are of the culinary or 'handyman' nature, we may seek such tasks to be fulfilled by other submissives. 

If you are thinking about relocation or visiting Me for a short term 'trial' to discover if you would make a suitable house slave for My femdom household, you may be interested in sponsoring a Kink Vacation, and becoming a vacation slave.
Vacation slaves are those wishing to live as a house slave, however for a shorter duration of time (most often a weeks worth of time) spent during My travels. The slave will be required to pay for the hotel and travel amenities that will be used during our time together. A deposit of $2,000 is required before serious consideration. Recurring travels include Boise, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. 

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