Miss Vicious 19 Covid Cures

Stuck at home with nothing to do? Feeling overworked with no release?

My 19 cures for the covid crisis is just what you need!
Purchase My essential items for a kinky quarantine or find pleasure in submitting to My subscriptions, fetish control, and spend your free time contributing to your crypto Mistress.

My personal essential items can be paid via cash app (preferred). Upon purchase
include your email address in the memo and I will contact you for details of where to send the item of your desire.  
If purchasing through indiebill the sale item will appear as a document- a receipt of your purchase with instructions for how to receive your item. 

#1 BATh soup

Water can be scarce in these times of uncertainty. Purchase 8 fl oz of My personal bath water. 
Order extra Batty: a sublime mix of a full soak, scrub, and shave!
Partake in the joy of My full luxury pampering.

8 floz $25 / extra batty $35

#2 Panty Mask

Shield your nose and mouth, or whatever you desire, with the aroma of My intoxicating under garments.
Sizes are small (g string), medium (thong), and large (full bottom).


#3 TP
Toilet paper is a rarity during the Covid crisis, so stock up on My trash treasure and save the Earth with My recycled TP! My perverted paper is available in gold and bronze.

#4 Stay At Home Gym Socks

Gyms have had a forced closure, so now I stay fit by working out at home. You can imagine what My gym socks endure with at home workouts, multi-mile runs, and hours of long bike riding. Why stay lost in your imagination when you can actually own and indulge your senses in My white cotton treasure?

#5 Skin-sations!

With My increased fitness and new bike riding hobby My beautiful feet are pampered much more than ever. After a long soak in a hot bath, My cute toes and slender heels and scrubbed, filed, and sanded, producing the most divine dust directly from the body of your Goddess!

#6 Vital Spit Vials

Nothing is more personal and owning bodily fluid from a real Goddess! My little vials of supreme saliva can be kept as a prized possession, tasted, or perhaps used to enhance your experience while worshiping Me... you decide how to use My ultimate essence.

#7 Fresh Air Ashes

A breathe of fresh air is very important during these uncertain times. Of course a true Goddess like Me is blessed with impeccable health, so I like to indulge in a fine cigarette while I enjoy My moments of tranquility outdoors. Social distancing may have affected your ability to be My ash tray, but luckily you can still dispose of it properly in the safety of your own home, with the option of doing it while I observe you on cam.

#8 Social Distance Shoes

While social distancing is very important, I am still very active in high heels as I take care of errands, flip flops for leisurely walks, and of course very sweaty in My workout shoes. The soles are thin, the lining moisture stained, and always intoxicating with My superior aroma. Spoil your senses with My personally used items.

#9 Donation Domination
A little money here, some extra funds there... Donate your savings and hard earned money to Me, or surrender them to
a charity in Covid crisis of My choosing in these fun findom games

#10 Social Subscription

My favorite method of contact is definitely OnlyFans. You can message Me instantly and also get the bonus of seeing all My pics and videos. What you see is not posted on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform- exclusive to TheGothGoddess.com
$50 for 30 day subscrition

#11 Kinky Quarantine Chat

If a monthly subscription isn't your thing,  you can now chat with Me whenever you want via sextpanther!  Tell Me about your fetishes, send pics of your at home play, or confide your dark secrets with Me.

#12 Cum Tax

I know you jerk off to My pics and I bet now you are doing it more than ever before!
Show your Goddess proper respect by paying your cum tax every time you wank your worm while thinking about Me.

$10 every time

#13 Quarantine Cock Control

There is no better time than during a lock down to mold your mind to suite My wishes. Improve your perverted behavior by taking a break from a wank by locking up that cock and testing your self discipline. Do this on your own or exchange messages with Me for daily checks-ins and motivation.

#14 Locked Up in Lock Down

Many of you might have experience in chastity already, so why not send Me your key to show your devotion and test your limits? Lock downs can begin at 7 days for newbies, 30 days for those experienced, and 90 days or longer for subs seeking to set a record. I can simply just hold your key or engage you in full chastity training and behavior modification. 
$100 30 day Key Holding
$300 30 day full training

#15 Covid Control

The worst thing about the Coronavirus is the bad habits you are developing. I will enforce strict control of diet, fitness, masturbation routine, and other factors that can effect the quality of your life as a submissive and slave to Me.
Keep calm and obey your Mistress!

#16 Stimulus Spoil

Put a smile on My face by sending Me the entirety of your stimulus check. No one is more deserving than I am, after all!.

#17 Breaking Rules Blackmail

Experience erotic fear as you text and email Me with the risk of your wife finding out. Will she catch you jerking off to My pics, search your phone history, or maybe notice the money you send Me to keep your secrets safe?
The real question is- Do you care? Haha!.

$100 application fee

#18 Stay At Home-Wrecking

Nothing is fun about being forced to stay home, especially if it's with a wife or partner you don't particularly enjoy. Tell Me all about your quarantine quarrels and I'll expose you for the filthy fetish freak that you really are! I know you are pathetic so let's let your wife, friends, and loved ones know about it now too! This is the perfect additional to Blackmail and having a fresh start after quarantine. 

#19 Covid Crypto Mining

If you are experiencing a furlough or have been laid off it can be frustrating not being able to afford a session with Me or provide much deserved spoiling sprees. You can make use of yourself by investing and mining crypto currencies to later surrender to Me. This requires no money at all, and you are more than likely sitting at home anyways. Take your hands off your dick and click on some BTC faucets, ETH paid surveys, stake XTZ, and research how to start mining LTC for Me.