Utah Dominatrix

My preferred method is CASH APP.
If you are experienced or have been in the scene, then you know exactly why PayPal is bad and you will not ask Me to use it. 
If you do not wish to use a phone app or pay online (http://cash.me/mistress) then you may send amazon gift cards. You can easily go to any convenience store to purchase an amazon gift card and send the backside voucher code to Me as a method of tribute. Gift cards can also be send directly to Me online by sending them to email: SLCmistress@gmail.com

I now accept bitcoin!

If all else fails, shop on My wishlist

Any donation made in RT must be in a sealed envelope clearly marked as “gift”and placed out in the open before the sessions begins.

Tributes can also be given in forms of presents, shopping sprees, prepaid cards, supplying items for my Dungeon or

by paying my personal bills.