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Should you be a simple fly-by fetishists, wishing to show your appreciation to a Domina of the world, or perhaps

you are a long time fan- tribute always makes Me smile! 

All sessions require tribute.

I do not do trades or consider labor as forms of tribute. I also will never play with you if you offer your body as compensation-

That will get you an immediate block. 

In order to book your session a deposit must be received to secure your session date and time. If you do not send a deposit I will not consider you serious and will not place you in My booking schedule. I do not send photos (dungeon, toys, or Myself) or addresses without a deposit.

My preferred method is CASH APP for a deposit.
I also use zelle, but I do not use paypal, venmo, or any other money transfer app



If you do not wish to use a phone app or pay online then you may send your deposit via amazon gift card.

You can easily go to any convenience store to purchase an amazon gift card and send the backside voucher code to Me as a method of tribute.

Gift cards can be sent directly to Me online by sending them to email:
Other gift cards I accept are Lowes, Nordstrom, and Sephora.


If all else fails, shop on My wishlist

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