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About your Goddess

I started Professional Domination in 2012, with kink experience dating as far back as 2004. Prior to going pro I sold adult novelties and provided BDSM education at the legendary shop Blue Boutique from 2006-2012 (maybe that's why I look familiar to some of you perverts, haha!). Between those years I have performed Fetish shows and demo displays at local kinks events held at club Area 51, Metro, both Club X locations, as well as private events. I am hoping to bring back more fetish performances in 2022 with My new rope bunny subgirl.

I am often asked what I am into. Fetishes of My own consist of:

Clothing (High heels, corset training, latex/rubber, and uniforms on ME ),

CBT, objectification, and humiliation scenes. I love laughing at weaklings in groups with My friends and enjoy errand boys/maid types of slaves the most. 

I am often told that despite My name, I am a very loving and caring Domme. I do not have a 'persona' or put on an act of the 'Mean Bitch' role. I am 100% real in My sessions during interaction as well as during punishments and rewards. However do not get too comfortable, many slaves have eventually found out, and told Me that I am deserving of the name VICIOUS.


Miss Vicious loves to be spoiled!
Should you really wish to make Me smile, send a gift card code to Me via email

( UtahDominatrix ) to one of My favorite shops: 
Sephora/Ulta, Killstar, Gamestop, Amazon, or
just send a cash card as many clothing companies I purchase from are customized latex.  
Shoe size: 8

Bra: 34H or 32i
Clothing: 40"-30"- 38"
top: Large, o/s
bottoms: medium, o/s
Favorite color: Black or red
Smokes: Djarum Black Vanilla or Cappuccino / Black Devils, Pink Devi


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