Professional Dominatrix since 2012, with prior kink experience dating as far back as 2005. It's only natural that I discovered kink growing up in the Gothic life style. Now fast forward to 2018- I live and breathe FEMDOM 24/7!
Fetishes of My own consist of: High heels, corset training, latex / rubber, smoking, uniforms, and of course, overall FEMDOM!
My personal favorite kink activities include: CBT (kicking is so much fun!), domestic servitude, K-9 training, objectification, sissification, and smoking. 



Miss Vicious is a Scorpio

I am also ruled by the planet of war- Mars. If you believe in astrology or not a simple google search will show you countless of theories that Scorpios are highly sexual, naturally dominant, and often intimidating. I am just about every cliche there could be, haha!

Miss Vicious loves to be spoiled!
Should you really wish to make Me smile, send a giftcard code to Me via email to one of My favorite shops: 
Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, or just send a cash card, as many clothing companies I purchase from are customized latex.  
Shoe size: 7
Clothing: 38"-28"- 36"
                 top: med, o/s
                 bottom: small, o/s
Bra: 34DD

Corset: 24"
Favorite color: Black or red
Smokes: Djarum Black Vanilla or Cappuccino / Black Devils, Pink Devil