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Fetish Play & Kink Exploration Sessions

Fetish Fantasies 
For those who love feet, worship feet, and enjoy pampering feet. This is a massage, foot bath, or sniff session.

This does not include trampling, smothering, choke outs, CBT, or other foot fetish play. 

Cigarette sessions, human ash tray services, and other smoking fetish related play. 
Shoe/boot worship, nail fetish, clothing fetish, armpit worship, and other fetish play without release. 

Standard kink  play & Education
Recommended for beginners is My newbie session where I will be taking you through a variety of common kinks to help you discover your personal rewards and punishments. We will determine what type of submissive you are as well as organizing a training program to continue your exploration of BDSM. If you already have experience and know your fetishes you may submit to Me for BDSM fetish play for 1hr or longer. Standard play does not include pegging, showers, or breathe play.   

Heavy SM play 
For those with experience seeking more extreme, taboo, and edge play. I love to push limits! 


Kink Quickies 

Need a fast and fulfilling kick to your balls on your way to work? Can’t go home to your wife without me spitting in your face first? Or maybe it’s your payday and you just want to stop by the club and take care of my bar tab- Either way it’s all fun and games to me! Don’t waste my time and be grateful for the few minuets I allow you to see me. 

Ownership, Lifestyle, and Total Control

Key Holder

Whether you are experienced or new to chastity, many submissive see it as a necessity for behavioral correction and find it erotic to literally hand over the key to their manhood. Controlled lock ups can be as short as 7 days, most commonly 30 days, or set to an indefinite duration. I provide simple key holding services, or full training. You can find out more about how to hand over your keys HERE

Forced Fitness

Should you need a little inspiration or force to achieve an ideal slave boy body, femgirl look, or maybe you even wish to become a fat disgusting slob, I will command and control your journey for the fastest results!

Gender Transformation

If you are serious about a complete lifestyle change in feminization I can guide you through the appropriate gender transformation you desire. This includes and is not limited to hormone therapy, body alternation, top/bottom surgery, and voice coaching. You can go slow step by step or go all the way based on your comfort levels. This is NOT for fantasies, this is for those wanting a serious lifestyle change


Financial Domination is just as it sounds- I dominate every pathetic penny you own. More than just a collared dedication, yu will literally work, breathe, and bleed to increase My income and expand My luxuries. This is a fetish for high rolling player. Read more and submit your application of surrender HERE


The ultimate role play of control. Often coupled with Findom, this specific fetish is for those who like to live on the edge of fear and get off on feeling the rush of exposure. This play comes with contracts, strict pay offs, and required submission of evidence to keep you wrapped around My finger tugging for more. 

Home wrecking
More than just role play, this is a life changing kink that is exactly as it sounds. Considered to be a more advanced form of, and climax, of Blackmail. This can be a quick merciless ruin or a slow draining. I enjoy nothing more than destroying lives, haha

If you are new to play, schedule a consultation with me to

educate yourself in the world of kink. 

CHIT CHAT: A public meeting and conversation at a coffee shop, restaurant or park. We can discuss whatever

you like. Are you nervous about your first session? Do you have questions about different types of Fetish play?

Do you want to know more about my personal interests,  play style, or favorite fetishes? ($50/30min)

ERRAND BOY: Perfect for first time subs who are hesitant of trying private kink play.  You can accompany me for

an afternoon of running errands as My personal chauffeur, maid, or labor slave while we discuss your interests.

You can make yourself useful while getting to know me and discover what it feels like to serve as a houseboy.

Ideal for domestic slaves; Must provide transportation via car or lyft.  ($150hr)


SPOIL SPREE: You may take Me shopping at a selected shoe store, lingerie shop, or clothing store. You will learn more about my personal interests and  tastes. We will get to know each other better while you are putting a big smile on my face and bags in my hand. I can even invite a friend for some extra attention.  Great for discreet public humiliation, but not required. (minimum spending of $600).



I accept one time sessions and also enjoy enlightening committed submissives for ongoing and complete slave training. 

Double Dom/me & Multi-Mistress
For the submissive who craves more attention, I'll invite a friend or two!  You may take us shopping or we can go out for a night on the town- all your treat! If you want to play with us, just ask to meet my friends! We'll tag team your sorry ass and correct any naughty behavior. 

Act as our foot rug, serve as our maid, be our doggie, or let us humiliate you in ways you never dreamed possible. 

Standard Double Domination: 300hr | Additional Dom/mes: 200hr each


The Gurlfriend Experience 

Learn the basics of cross dressing by hanging out with the girls. We’ll take a moment away from SM to focus on your fashion, attitude, and the graces of just being a gurl.


Taboo Tea Party
I love having the Girls over for tea! Would you like to serve as our sissy maid? Perhaps you'd like for me to sit on you and use you as my chair. The Girls and I love to show off, compare, and trade our slaves. 


Foot Party

So many feet! All waiting to be rubbed, sucked, pampered, and perverted. Watch us model our heels and stockings as we walk all over

you and take your breath away in our sweet aroma. (800/2hrs-10 feet!)


Kidnap (Capture) Fantasy
Many slaves request the ultimate humiliation fantasy and my friends and I are more than happy to fulfill this desire.

Fantasies can last as short as half an hour or as long as you request. Safe, sane, consensual, and now Mobile!   


Overnight Domination / Sleepover 
12 hour extended session with Myself and My Femdom friends for a low tribute rate of $2,000. This sleepover special has over $1,500 in savings! Contact your Goddess for more details.

Play Parties
​If you are interested in playing at a local BDSM event and you think you have what it takes to escort ME to a true kink party, 

apply if you dare... 



I offer discreet forms of public play in typical vanilla environments (restaurants, nightclubs, lingerie stores, etc.).

If you would like serve alongside another submissive individual (female or male) you must be an established submissive and you can bring your own partner(s) or I can provide one for you, under most circumstances.


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