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Slave Application

Slavery is a condition in which one is legally owned by someone else, subject entirely to their whim or pleasure.  It is a relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls their life, liberty, and fortune.  It is a state of being completely under the control of another person and of submitting to their dominating influence without recourse in whatever manner they may require.  The purpose of a slave is to alleviate the burdens and fulfill the expectations of their Owner.

Ownership is the right or fact of being an owner; of having possession of some thing or, in this context, some one. It means proprietorship, the exclusive right or title to something, to have a claim beyond any challenge to the object in question.

Property is a thing owned by someone; a possession at the disposal of a person to do with as they may wish; Something that belongs to only Me and that nobody else can have.

If you are new to kink and fetish play it is suggested that you book a newbie intro session before inquiring for a BDSM lifestyle collar. Newbie sessions are a great way to find out how well we connect and if we have a possible Mistress/slave relationship we cab build together. Book your session HERE

Real Time (real life and face-to-face) slaves wishing to be collared by Me are required to provide

at least $1,200 valued in cash, gifts, labor, or other means per month! Those who are able to meet such arrangements will be rewarded with weekly play time, and will be invited for kink parties, high tea social events, photoshoots, and other gatherings relative to the collared slave's interests. 

(Real Time) Collared slaves are those who are completely devoted to Me and those I can not only rely on in any situation, but also trust in My personal life. Collared slaves may be invited to private play parties, join Me at social events, and gain extra attention such as receiving My phone number for calls and texts.
Any submissive wishing to become part of My property must
complete full slave training under My stern guidance. This includes, and of course is not limited to-

  • Full understanding and education of BDSM

  • appearance alteration

  • behavioral correction

  • physique modification

  • morale improvement

  • and possible chastity enforcement for perverted pets who need it

Submissives seeking a more assertive lifestyle of kink while maintaining in a vanilla environment may find comfort in relinquishing control to a superior Goddess for daily instruction and task fulfillment as a collared slave.      

Online slaves who become owned by Me will be required to provide a minimum of a $600 value in funds or gifts, and will be rewarded with cam and text chats throughout the week, along with receiving photos. These cam sessions can be with just the slave and Myself, or sometimes include another Mistress or friend, depending on what My activities for the day are. 

Online slaves will also be given weekly tasks, assignments, and may participate in online contests via onlyfans and twitter.

Any submissive who wishes to become collared and owned by Me must send an email with the following information to

Send Me an Email with the following information
Full Legal Name:

Are you wishing to serve Me in Real Time (RT) or Online?:

Your tribute method  (Cash, Zelle, bitcoin, Amazon, etc):

Tribute amount per month:
Are you willing to in video clips, photos, etc (with or without mask)?:

Tell me about yourself (experience, married, career, etc.):

Why should I consider you?:


*Any potential pet who sends a $50 application fee will be put at the top of my consideration list… more is always better.

**The application fee can be made in your preferred tribute method.

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