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A descriptive list of fetishes provided by


If you do not see your kink of choice, feel free to contact Her Highness for a special request.  


click a FETISH to find out more about it.


(things that are not done)

Send money for My dates, but don't expect to see them. 

Sub / switching
Do not insult Me by asking if I will sub or switch for you. This is a fast way to be put on My SHIT LIST!


No diapers!

I do not have any involvement with adult babies or anything involving diapers. I do not cuddle, and will never be a 'Mommy'.


No sexual activities

I am not a hooker, so do not treat Me like one. I don't give a shit how much money you have, if you can't find a genuine person to fuck you for who you are then something is obviously wrong with you!


No Massages

Go to a rub 'n tug bitch from backpage for that! I don't degrade Myself. 


No red or brown showers

Give gold for gold, at a very high price you might be so lucky...


No Toilet Paper Service

for a very high price you can eat My shit off a silver platter.


No drugs or alcohol

The only exception to this is forced intox (alcohol only), but I do not engage in any SM play during this.


No Animals or persons under the age of 18

I prefer those over the age of 21 in fact!


No illegal activities, whether listed here or not

This is why I go to L.A. so often. Sometimes it's safer to travel to another city to see Me. 


I am never nude during sessions

NEVER! NEVER!! NEVER!!! If you ask Me to wear less clothing, next time you see Me I will be wearing a burka!


ASMR - (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Imagine it being a whisper in your ear, or a low tone of voice so gentle you get chills!


Asphyxiation - (Breath play) severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing. An example of asphyxia is choking, or wearing a specialized hood with breathing tubes, that are controlled by your Mistress. 





Balloons - The act of this fetish is often referred to as "Looning", those who enjoy this fetish are often called "Looners". As the name describes, Looners enjoy watching and feeling balloons as they blow up. This kink can involve popping of the balloon, or having the balloon remain intact   


Belting - Discipline with a belt 


BlackmailArousal brought on by the feeling of fear, in this case, having personal or incrimination evidence being brought to the attention of coworkers or loved ones. An example of this could be a submissive who enjoys to wear women's panties. He sends his Mistress photos of himself enjoying his kink, and she playfully threatens to send these photos to his wife if he does not meet his end of the bargain. This could be played out by sending financial demands (findom), supplying additional evidence such as video, or many other forms of play. Blackmail is often accompanied by binding written contracts to ensure the agreement is documented.  

Blackmail contract with Miss VICIOUS click HERE!


Blindfolds - wearing a blindfold


Body Worship - The privileg of being aloud to touch, smell, and caress the body of your Goddess. This can be the entire body or limited to specific area such as feet, bottom, or breasts.  


Bondage - being in a physical position that is binding whether it be done by rope, chains, cuffs, plastic wrap, or other means. This can involve furniture or done on the floor.  


Boot & Shoe worship - loving to caress, lick, kiss, smell, and touch boots / shoes.   





CBT - Cock & Ball Torture, which can be done in a variety of ways such as slapping, kicking, punching, tying, clothespins, or using specialized toys such as humblers and parachutes 


Caning - discipline with a cane.


CEI - cum eating instruction.


Chastitya specialized device that prevents sexual arousal for men, or sexual intercourse for women. The Mistress who holds the key to this device is often referred to as the 'Key Holder'.

Give your Key to Miss VICIOUS click HERE!


Clothing Fetish - enjoying the wear, look, or feel of certain clothing items such as corsets, latex, nylons, lingerie, high heels, or other specific items.


Cosplay - Costume play.


Cross dressing - dressing as the opposite gender. 


Crushing- The act of crushing items under your feet or in your hands. Most commonly done with food or garbage such as beer cans, the illegal activity of crushing animals is referred to as 'Hard Crushing'. If you enjoy Hard Crushing please kill yourself NOW! 





Diet control & Forced fitness - when your Mistress decides to put your fat ass on a diet, restricts your finances, or forces you to work out in order to achieve her ideal image.





Ear Plugs/Headphones - part of sensory deprivation or sound play, your sense of hearing is restricted. 


Errand boy - one who devotes themself to completing tasks and chores for his Mistress (fetching items, paying bills, acting as chauffeur, etc.) 


Examinations- Inspection of a submissive to see if they are worthy of worshiping a Goddess. This cam also be done in the form of role play such as in a medical scene. 





Feminization - Being turned into a woman through not only imagery (makeup and girl's clothing), but also through feminine acts such as cooking and cleaning.


Fetish Wear - clothing that pertains to the genre of 'FETISH' being, but not limited to, corsets, fishnets, latex, vinyl, collars, boots, uniforms, etc.  


Financial Domination having a Mistress control your finances or simply giving them away because she deserves your hard earned money more than you do.

Give everything to Miss VICIOUS click HERE!


Fitness - The act of enjoying the sight of your Mistress work out, having her make YOU work out, or engaging in fitness games with your Mistress (such as boxing, judo, or wrestling). 


Foot worship - loving to caress, lick, kiss, smell, and touch bare feet. 


Forced bi - being persuaded to act out gay or bi-curious fantasies by your Mistress.   


Forced Intox / Forced Intoxication - getting drunk and doing humiliation acts, or often giving money to your Mistress so she can do lots of shopping. You'll always wake up the next morning to a surprise!





Gas Masks - you wearing or enjoying the sight of your Mistress wearing a Gas Mask.


Gothic Attire - enjoying your Mistress in 'Gothic' fashions such as EGL, punk, fetish gear, or latex.





High Heels - worshiping heels or wearing them yourself.


Hoods - those who enjoy wearing a hood, or those who wish to remain anonymous


House slaveone who has dedicated their existence to the upkeep and maintenance of his Mistress's home. This can include but is not limited to paying rent, cooking, laundry, maid/labor services, and providing personal luxuries such as massage.


Humiliation - verbal or situation degradation that can be done in private, public, or in a group involving many dominant women.





Interrogations - a role play scenario that is pretty self explanatory





JOI - jack / jerk off instruction.





K9 training /puppy play - being trained like a dog because you are a filthy mutt who needs to learn some manners. Grown dogs differ from puppies, so research and know which one you are before requesting.


Kidnapping - sometimes referred to as 'Capture / Abduction fantasy', this is a role play scenario which involves abducting a consenting adult and playing out a requested scene, or even holding them captive for a duration of agreed time. It can be done in a home or a mobile van.


Keyholding - holding the key to a chastity device.

Give your Key to Miss VICIOUS click HERE!





Labor slaveone who dedicates themselves to fulfilling manual and hard labor for the Mistress. This can be done in carpentry, yard work, car mechanics, and household maintenance.


Light Stimulation - part of sensory deprivation which involves light restriction and play.


Looning - playing with balloons.





Macrophilia - Giantess fetish, enjoying the thought of being a microsized man, or being dominated by an extremely large women. This often is a highly fantasized fetish in which the submissive imagines themselves being in the position of a bug or mouse. At the mercy of his Mistress, he can be eaten, squished, or held captive in a jar. 


Maid training - undergoing strict training to performs duties hat of a maid such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping.


Masterbation Instruction - also referred to as JOI.


Medical play - fetish play involving a medical scene or medical tools. 


Mumiffication - wrapping and binding the entire body rather than just binding the arms or legs. This often involves plastic wrap and body bags. 





Objectification - treating someone as an inanimate object such as a table, chair, or coat rack. This can sometime be humiliating or achieve a feeling of great purpose for the submissive. 


OTK (over the knee) - a form of spanking that is strictly done over the knee. 





Padding - placing layers or items under clothing to appear fat. A safer version of force feeding that is used to achieve fantasy.  


Pet (general) - acting like, being treated as, or undergoing training as a specific pet (cat, pony, dragon, dog, etc. )


Puppy play - unlike K-9's or grown dogs, puppies tend to be more mischievous and get into trouble. They prefer to play games than lounge around and be pet.





Queening - (Smothering) when a Mistress sits on your ugly face to restrict your breathing.





Ruined/Delayed/Denied Orgasm - done to losers for the Mistrees's amusement.





Sensory Deprivation- controlling and restricting basic senses such as hearing, breathing, sight, etc.


Shoe Fetish - an act of enjoying the sight of, or worshiping shoes.  


Showers - offered in many colors (not by ME!) golden showers refer to being urinated on; brown is scat/poo; roman is vomit; red is blood.  


Sissification - being transformed into a small girl. Where as feminization focuses on on the tasks of an adult woman, sissification tends to target more humiliation aspects of a little girl such as wearing frilly clothing and undergoing puberty


Slut Training - DUH! 


Small Penis Humiliation - aka SPH, verbal and situation humiliation emphasized on a loser's manhood.


Smoking - enjoying the sight of or second-hand smoke of a cigarette, cigar, vape, etc. 


Socks - worn, dirty, sweaty, smelling... you love them all!


Sound Stimulation - restricting or increasing the decibels of sound during play.





Tease & Denial - just when you think your Mistress is kind, she denies you your greatest release. 


Tickle - enjoying the sight of others, or being tickled yourself.


Trampling - being treated as a dirty foot rug and being walked all over.... literally! 


Tweezing - tweezing hairs off the body. 





WAM (Wet and Messy) - the act of getting, well... wet and messy! The 'Wet' often involves food such as milk, beer, and juices, while the Messy involves custard, cream, pie, syrups, beans, ketchup, shaving cream, or other artificial materials.


Wrestling - while I do not engage in this, I recommend Dominatrix HarliQueen for this. It's pretty self explanatory. 

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