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Chastity & Key Holding

The key holder service is for subs and slaves -local or online- who are too weak to control their urges, and require a strong Mistress' strict guidance. Maybe you are hoping to break your addiction or perhaps you want to feel more feminine, either way your search for a solution is over- I am your new Key Holder!

Key Holding fee:
$50 1-2 weeks / $100 per month (30 days).

This is a simple key surrender, and it is sent back to you when the time is up.

If you need extra enforcement for your naughty behavior, you can join My Chastity Control program to receive tasks, assignments, and have some increased one-on-one time with Me as I assess your individual progress. By participating in this program, you agree that your entire sexual being belongs to Me, and only Me. You agree to follow MY rules and submit yourself fully to My behavioral correction program.

The Complete Chastity Control program will require more communication through text, cam, and photos to enforce full discipline. Expect weekly check-ins (or more), along with fulfilling some easy tasks and assignments throughout your duration. This program is customized to each individual whether they are an experienced slave, newbie sub, or a sissy seeking lifestyle changes.
Full Chastity Control Program:
7 days $150

14 days $200

30 days $300

Full Chastity Control Program: 

  • If you do not currently own a chastity device, you will purchase one that meets My approval and send Me the key. I tend to start out new locked cocks in the Holy Trainer device. I will not order devices for you. You need to follow each device manufacturer's instructions to measure yourself and purchase the correct size.
    If you are located near Me we can go shopping for one together (consult) at a local store.

  • Locked cocks & clits will be required to check in regularly to show Me that you are wearing the chastity device. This will be done through photos and/or cam.

  • You will receive task assignments, report your progress, and have moments to speak with Me one-on-one about your training. 

  • This is a serious behavioral correction program. A buyback fee of $50 will be applied if you choose to break our agreement and want your key returned sooner than arranged.

  • The key will be returned to you on the final day of your lock up (in person for locals or mailed back with a tracking number if you are long distance).

utah chastity key hold

I am accepting new submissives to add to My key ring!
The chastity application is free to download.

I will not be reading any applications that are sent without a fee.

When you send your first tribute fee via cash app, include in the note your name and the words: "key application". 


The application serves as a starting point, while providing your first lock up fee is a token of your sincerity. This is not for fantasy fuckers, this is for real and genuine people who are serious about surrendering their keys. 

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