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Chastity & Key Holding

The key holder service for slaves who wish to submit fully to Me is now accepting new applicants. For those who need extra enforcement for their naughty behavior, they can join My Chastity Control program to receive tasks, assignments, and have some increased one-on-one time with Me as I assess your individual progress. By participating in this program, you agree that your entire sexual being belongs to Me, and only Me. You agree to follow MY rules and submit yourself fully to My behavioral correction program.

Key Holding fee is $100 per month (30 days). This is a simple key surrender, and receive back when your time is up.

 The Complete Chastity Control program (30 days) has an additional education fee of $200 and will require more communication and cam time/photos to enforce full discipline. Expect weekly check ins (or more), along with fulfilling some tasks and assignments throughout your duration.


If you can not last a month without wanking your worm My key holding service is

$25 per week/ $50 per week for Complete Chastity Control. 

Note that the description below does mostly cater to online submissives, but this program is attainable for Real Time subs as well.


  • If you do not currently own a chastity device, you will purchase one that meets My approval and send Me the key.
    I tend to start out new locked cocks in the Holy Trainer device. I will not order devices for you, I am not your mommy! If you are unable to get a cage for yourself then you will be unable to obtain My attention. If you are located near Me we can go shopping for one together.

  • You will not be allowed to masturbate or cum until I give you permission.
    When I allow you to touch your pathetic dicklet you will do so in a way that I instruct via text, webcam or in person. I will tailor specific requirements to suit your individual needs/goals, but most importantly to suit MY desires!

  • Locked cocks will be required to call into My live webcam line regularly (on the schedule I assign) to show Me you are wearing the chastity device, receive task assignments if needed, report your past assignment progress, and obviously to worship Me. I will also accept reports to be made via Instagram, Kik messanger, text messaging, E-mail, and through other social networks.   

  • You will not try to remove the cock cage until I decide you have earned that privilege, and at that time I will express ship the key to you, at your expense of course.

  • You will contact Me immediately for your masturbation instruction and countdowns once the cock cage is removed.

  • At the end of your chastity break, you will report to Me for individual instruction. You will then put the chastity device back on and return the key to Me.

utah chastity key hold
utah cross dresser

In the spirit of a New Year (and Indiebill shutting down) I am currently not requiring chastity applications. I believe that whether for fun, behavioral correction, submission, or slavery, every worm deserves a chance for redemption.

The application is now free to download.

I will not be reading any applications that are sent without a fee.

When you send your first tribute fee via cash app, include in the note your name and the words: "key application". 


The application serves as a starting point, while providing your first lock up fee is a token of your sincerity. This is not for fantasy fuckers, this is for real and genuine people who are serious about surrendering their keys. 

 Click here to download

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