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Do your loved ones really know know how much of a pathetic pig you are? Do you get off knowing that I have the power to tell your family, your girlfriend, wife, or your friends? Do you tremble at the thought that I can have pictures of you being humiliated to prove it, as well as all your personal information? Submit yourself, and I will have complete control of your life and your wallet!

With this information, I can control every aspect of your life. Are you offline? It doesn’t matter — I can easily call or email your loved ones and tell them how pathetic you are. You won’t be able to run away from me and I will truly own you.

All you will think about is Me.

Everything you will do will be to please Me.

Every breath you take will be to bring satisfaction to Me.  

So you would like to apply to be my little bitch pig then? 
Applications have a fee. If you can not afford that, there is no way you can afford to be blackmailed, ha!


This is your first tribute and basic info that MUST be sent to Me!
I do not entertain fantasies or idle chit chat about blackmail and financial ruin. 

This is not for beginners! 

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