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2020 submission 101

Happy New Year My little play things! I am pleased to see that My last blog post struck a nerve in some of you, and I am farther more satisfied with those of you who have booked your first session of 2020 with Me. It is a new year and your place in kink is calling out to you more than ever before, and fortunately it is within your reach! You were an obedient little worm and did you research of femdom porn, right? You now have a grasp of your own fetishes and hard limits- good boy! My next question for you would be: What type of submissive are you?

There are different types of servitude and play in the world of BDSM. If you are a fetishist then you probably just enjoy getting off to the aid of things like armpits, feet, shoes, watching a woman smoke, or even some wet and messy food. A fetishist isn't always a submissive, and definitely not always a slave, though in a session with Me every fetishist should always be respectful and obedient. Often a fetishist does not even engage in the D/s (Dominant/submissive) dynamic. I personally enjoy fetishists and find their indulgence of their choosing quite fascinating! Whether I am simply smothering you with My socks, or you just like to watch My elegant hands as I inhale fine cigarettes, I love to tease and tame your fetish desires. While Fetish play is always fun for Me, I very much enjoy taking it to the next level in kink play with submissives. If you find that you are looking at more Femdom (Female Domination) content than just objects and specified body parts online then you might be craving true submmission to a superior woman such as Myself. Taking commands, fulfilling tasks, doing as you are told are some of the basic signs, but there are different types of subs just as there are different types of fetishists.

A favorite of every Mistress is always the domestic type. A domestic sub likes to clean, complete tasks, and overall will do anything to provide greater ease to the life of his Mistress. This can be cleaning a toilet or acting as chauffeur to assist her on daily errands. Usually this type of sub is not seeking a pegging or cathartic beating, this type of submissive truly does feel satisfaction in seeing his Mistress happy.

Domestic servitude tends to go hand-in-hand with those who want to feel a bit more feminine (but not required). If you find yourself looking up sissy clothing or fantasizing about being treated like a little bitch then you might just enjoy sissification! Sissy sub play involves full make overs (makeup, clothing, wigs, heels, drag, etc.) and often filling the role of a submissive woman- cooking, cleaning, completing tasks, all the domestic fun stuff. A 'simple sissy' as I call them are like fetishists, not very complicated and walk a pretty straight line in kink play: You complete your chores to earn the privilege of giving Me a foot massage, or you perform a task poorly and are punished with a spanking. On the flip side there is a 'sissy slut' type of submissive that are the ones who take it a bit farther in SM play with pegging, humiliation, forced bi, and love being used and abused.

Before going farther I must act as Mythbuster and demolish the assumption that BDSM is abut PAIN. This is incorrect. While I could write a very expansive essay of My own explaining types of kink play that do not involve flogging, spankings, CBT, and impact play, these are basics that google can provide for you. This is also why hard limits exist: If you have a deep discomfort at the thought of being placed over My knee while I give you a harsh bare bottom spanking, then you may want to disclose that when contacting Me. Often pain is issued as a punishment, but there are those who seek it out as a reward. Either way no matter what type you are I promise that I will find the appropriate carrot and stick to mold you into My perfect specimen.

Now that I have addressed the creeping cliche fear in the back of your mind that all kink play involves getting your ass beat, you can rest assured and continue reading on to role play submission. Should you find yourself wanting to escape your mundane everyday life and submerge yourself in a completely different world, you might just enjoy K9 play- which is exactly as it sounds -acting like a dog! Believe it or not, but just as our fur-born canine companions have differing age and behaviors, as do the K9's of kink. You might be a frisky ill behaved puppy or an older hound seeking a Mistress's lap to lay on. As you and I play that is what we will discover together. Pet play is not limited to just dogs, pony play is very popular, and over the years women have tended to gravitate towards kitten play (though men can play too!).

One type of role play I will mention but not get into are the littles and infants. This is all in the genre of 'age play' which you should all know My hard limits and already know this is one kink I will NOT do! In fact I do not do anything that involves diapers whatsoever but I do know of a Mistress, and if she is taking sessions you can find her over on the local listing site:

At this point you are probably wondering what a slave is. You see the term used all over the internet, Dominatrices seek them out on twitter, etc. There is no textbook definition of what a slave is. I receive numerous emails every week for boys saying, "i want to be your slave. i have no experience." It is a term many just throw around to impress a Mistress but I will give My personal explanation of what I consider a slave to be... Personally I see a sub as, well of course, a submissive male. They may discreetly act this way in everyday life or only behind closed doors in the privacy of a session with Me. I see subs as being like the beginner stage of a slave. In My eyes a slave tends to be more experienced and versatile in kink, or perhaps extremely devoted to a specific fetish(es). If you look at the history of slavery it really was a lifestyle, not an on and off switch like a session may feel. So slaves tend to be in a position to devote more time, money, resources, and commitment to kink. As lifestyle was just mentioned, a slave may also consider expanding their kink into their vanilla life whether it be locked in chastity, change in wardrobe, constant submission towards women/alpha males, or financial domination (Findom).

Slavery to a Mistress can be presented in adaptable forms depending on your devoted kinks. I have a shoe slave who has an interest specifically in feet, so he buys/sends Me shoes, purchases My pedicures, and even purchased My worn filthy flip flops for his own pleasure in his long distance home. We chat about shoes, the next color My cute toes will be polished, and of course he gets to see pics of what he provides ;) This foot slave likes to consider that he is mine, loyal, and devoted to no other feet than My own, and I am happy with this. My favorite quality in a sub, slave, or sissy is keeping them all to Myself, haha!

So you may be able to guess this month's homework.... New year, new you; Never forget who you truly are and your place in this female dominated world. You, little slave in training, will now begin and end every day with a mantra dedicated to none other than your Master- ME! As you wake up each morning, you will rise and rest at the end of your bed. You may sit at the edge or pray on your knees, because I am a Goddess after all. Take a deep breathe in through your nostrils and breathe out through your mouth. Do this three times. After your third exhale you will recite this mantra:

"I want to be a (sub/slave/sissy). I want to be the greatest (sub/slave/sissy) that my mistress has ever seen.

Today I will learn, work, suffer, and endure all efforts for my mistress. I will value myself for I am a treasure of my Goddess Miss Vicious."

Before you go to sleep you will repeat the actions and recite the mantra:

"I want to be a ______. I want to be the greatest _____ my mistress has ever seen. I have learned, worked, suffered for, and endured many efforts for my mistress.

I am a better person today for my Goddess Miss Vicious."

Simple homework and realistic mental training to prepare you little worms for farther your faithfulness to Me next month. Until then, more updates can be seen on My NEW OnlyFans which has a new domain!

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