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As Utah's best and most legitimate Dominatrix the question I am asked the most is:

What's popular in Utah?

The answer probably has something to do with the Mormon church, haha!

The most popular fetishes in Utah are age play and cross dressing. Now this is just My humble opinion, not scientific study, but I believe the cross dressing kink that over flows in Salt Lake City is due to the pressure of male stigma from the church. I mean Mormon missionaries do have a high homosexuality rate as well.

I think age play ties into the pressure of the Mormon church in this states society as well. I have met countless if adults who come from a background of being forced to grow up too quickly. Mormons pop out babies every chance they get - sex isn't for pleasure after all, it's for procreation only - so often kids become the caretaker of younger siblings when they themselves are still children.

What's the second most asked question? Probably one of the most idiotic and unoriginal.

For some reason people in Utah, or even those who find out I live here, have an annoying curiosity wondering if I am Mormon. I have no idea why anyone would purposely seek out a Mormon Domme, but it's an absolutely stupid thing that exists here. I have even seen other girls market themselves that way and it's painfully obvious.... that is ALL you have to offer? THAT is your strongest quality? HA!! Grow up and get a personality.

If you have been self quarantined with your wife and family it may be difficult to let loose in some fetish play. Temptation to email or text a sexy dominant woman is becoming harder to ignore with each passing day. The thought of being caught giving in to your desires is more arousing than ever before! What is a poor sub to do?  Well, to start you can pick up your phone and send Me a text message. I want to know all about your aching fantasies and wish to submit to a strong powerful Goddess like Me. I love reading about your inevitable surrender to femdom; Your everlasting failure at trying to live in the vanilla world. After a bit of chat you will feel the urge to give in, the need to comply and be controlled. You send a photo of yourself in your wife's panties. Maybe you stole them late one night after looking at My website, or perhaps you tried them on while she was out doing some essential shopping. Feeling the innocent cotton and delicate laces of a woman's panties reminds you of your place in this world of forced solitude. However you are not alone little sissy. I am here, as your Goddess, through text message for you to confide your dark secrets to. Tell Me about the panties you hide, the sex toys and fetish wear tucked away, the forced bi porn you desperately keep concealed... Exchanging words is satisfying for a few days, but the hunger you feel to be emasculated is eating away as you lay awake every night drowning in fantasies of your submission to Me. You decide to send a humiliating video of yourself to Me, because nothing makes you happier than seeing the smile on My face as I laugh at you. Now you feel yourself getting in deep. You're secretly wearing panties, secretly sending Me messages, and now there is video evidence of your submission to Me. What a turn on! What would your coworkers think if they knew what you have been doing during this whole furlough? What would your wife or girlfriend do if she looked at your browser history? More importantly, how would your closest friends and family react if they found out you're really just a beta bitch loser? The thoughts that race through your mind are erotically terrifying. At this moment, more than ever, your basic instincts are beginning to take over. Your body feels hot and your cock gets hard. You have been spending all your private time looking at My instagram, reading over My website, eagerly waiting for My next tweet and blog. None of these are stimulating you to the edge though, My photo galleries and explicit content are for My loyal followers. Hiding from your friends and family, you subscribe to My OnlyFans account with the ease of your phone. Wow, who knew it would be so easy! Now My photos are accessible to you at any time you want. Your minuscule manhood swells with each photo you see. My boots are impeccably shined, My corsets are seductively cinched, and My tits are phenomenally exposed! My exclusive photos are unlike anything you have ever seen, and it pushes you over the edge of no return.  It feels so good to finally have proper release while viewing the photos of a real fetish goddess. You just can't get enough of Me! Every available moment you have you are stroking, pulling, squeezing, and jerking yourself as you view My photos and send Me text messages. You adore Me. You desire Me. You love Me. So every time you masturbate to My photos you pay a proper cum tax, it is how you show respect to your Goddess after all. There is no better feeling than surrendering both your body and your money to Me. Each and every time it makes Me smile more and more. Now you're in deeper.

I am on your phone, in your email, My photos saved to your cloud, and you hypnotically wait for My daily command. Do you think your wife would notice all your attention is on Me? Would she be jealous that you have no interest in sleeping with her after you've jerked your dicklet to Me all day? You're hiding away all day, and secretly staying up all night as you devote everything you are to Me. You're addiction takes control and now you're doing live cam sessions with Me. The craving you have to be controlled is only satisfied when fulfilling humiliating tasks. You display yourself entirely to Me on cam, and get excited each time you hear My diabolical laugh as I watch and guide you.  You are nothing. You are nothing but My puppet of pleasure. You are absolutely nothing without Me as your Mistress. 

You've surrendered everything you can think of to make Me happy, good boy, but there is more. Just when you think you have peaked, it's time to take it to the next level of loyalty. 

A quick google entry and some research can open your mind and expand your kink life like no other. You stumble upon some chastity cages, a cautious kink but always a lingering curiosity in the back of your perverted little mind. Would a Holy Trainer be a good start, or maybe be My guinea pig and become one of My first locked in Cellmate? Surrender My little fetish slut. After a long last stroke of yourself you choose to commit your cock, and send Me the key. 

A locked up cock during a lock down is much easier than you thought. It's not like your wife or girlfriend fuck you anyways, if you have one at all. A girl wants a real man, which isn't you. You're just a slave now, who needs a real woman like Me. Knowing I control that worm when its throbbing from viewing My photos and aching to see Me on cam is what turns you on. After 14 days of enduring no masturbation, you receive a little envelope in the mail as your reward. It's the key! Your merciful Mistress has granted you one day of release, which you waste no time in your indulgence while spoiling Me with tribute. Who knew how incredible an orgasm could feel when rightfully earned and after a simple break from masturbation? Well now you understand the supreme satisfaction of true submission. This taste of ecstasy can only be made more delightful. You are more devoted now than ever and you are ready to suffer for your Goddess. Will it be 30 days, 60 days, or maybe attempt a record of 90 day lock down?

In these questionable times we find ourselves in daily there is really only one thing that is for certain- You belong to Me!

Hello My little worms!

Congratulations, if you are reading this then that must mean that you have survived your own mind therapy of January to discover what type of submissive you are. I trust that you losers have been keeping up with your mantras every day and night -good boy! You have endured a great deal of mental stress and maybe even a little bit of enlightenment finding out exactly who you truly are. Now should have an understanding of the fetishes you enjoy and the kinks that get you off. We may already be a few days into February already, but with tax season coming up there is no better time for the next step in your surrender to submission. Maybe you have discovered that you are a sissy, maybe you are just a beta male in the corporate world, or perhaps you have even realized that you are a pony player! No matter what the outcome is, it is time you become more serious about your kinks and desire to serve a powerful beauty like Me. No matter how much you try to keep yourself in denial, in truth you are a submissive dreaming of becoming My slave, and that is why you came back to read this fetish exploration guide. Now you will learn how to become dedicated to your submission while being in the vanilla world that is reality!

So you're a little pathetic beta bitch? -Well duh, of course you are! And I bet you secretly get turned on when people in public stare at your khaki shorts and whisper about your peach colored shirt. Is your closet not already stock piled with these items? Looks like you just found out your home work for February...

APPEARANCE ALTERATION - In January you mentally educated and prepared yourself for a submissive lifestyle; February will focus on practical physical submission for everyday life. While some Mistresses want their slaves to suffer in poverty, I am quite the opposite. If you serve Me it is important that you be at your best, not only in behavior but appearance as well. If you go around looking like garbage it's a no brainer that you will feel like garbage, and if you feel like garbage you will not be at 100%. I believe that subs are a display of their Mistress. My property (little worms like you) are a reflection of My superior Domination, therefore you can not be in public wearing rags, smelling like trash, or having dirt under your fingernails. Your wardrobe will be the first task to change.

If you are a professional in a corporate world, your pants will now be khaki browns and light gray colors. Your button down shirts will be pastel colors -think Easter Bunny, haha! Baby blue, lavender, pinks, yellow, orange, etc. If your job does not permit such vibrant sissy colors then you will begin wearing a standard yet professional black and white wardrobe. Even if you wear solid black in your regular or work life make sure your blacks match! Nothing looks more frumpy than an outfit made of 5 shades of gray. Should you wish to take your submissive wardrobe a bit farther and a step ahead, go to Walmart and buy yourself a pack of panties. Your tiny dicklet is proof of the man you will never be, so it is only proper that you wear panties to give yourself a constant daily reminder of your place as a lowly beta bitch in a real alpha male's world. You will soon begin wearing panties all day, every day, like the true natural born loser that I know you are. You got your pastel clothes and little bitch panties ready to go, what is next?

I should not have to tell you to wash and brush your hair, but you would be surprised how many nasty little specimens come to see Me with a tangled mullet growing over their face. Do not use the same soap you on your body to wash your hair, and do not use shampoo to wash your body. If your skin is dry then you will need to hydrate and exfoliate it. Women do this everyday and so should you! If you have facial hair, use beard oil and remember to trim it. Be a good sissy and keep your unibrow as two separate eyebrows, and maintain those eyebrows. Most of you reading this need to be properly 'manscaping' yourself, but considering that you are not a real man it is no wonder that you haven't been doing it. In the month of January alone I had many hairy assholes (literally) come to serve Me and I promise it is unpleasant to see. If you plan to see Me -Real Time or even online- make sure to shave or else I will spend your session time waxing you in every painful way possible. This goes double for sissy slaves! If you come to Me for a makeover or other sissification, you are only embarrassing yourself showing up with bush and stubble. Every self respecting woman grooms, shaves, waxes, and tweezes hair off her body so why can't a little grunt like you do it too? I could go on about colognes, oils, and skin care, but those subjects are really applied to each individual person. If you think you need a step up in your personal hygiene or appearance to impress Me, I now offer an appearance alteration consultation where I can accompany you on a shopping trip for us both as I explain detailed information that pertains to your individual body chemistry. Should you wish to have a major professional level up experience, My good friend Mistress Obsidian is a licensed esthetician and can give you a full pampered transformation. It is a bit embarrassing that for some of you I need to write a blog to teach you about proper hygiene. You worms would be lost without Me, haha! I should have a homework assignment that you watch some episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to make this a bit more simple for you. This can be a lot for some of you to take in. To summarize: Step 1: Wardrobe Step 2: Hair Step 3: Hygiene It is not that difficult once you think about it, so now DO IT!

Are you an over achiever? Are you devoting every breathe you take to Me, and every thought you make towards My gain? As mentioned in many twitter posts, I am leaving SLC for 2 weeks to go on a fantastic kinky vacation. I am booking sessions until the evening of Feb 7th, but if you are unable to see Me before then sessions will resume Thursday Feb 20th. As you know, I always love cash gifts for My ventures. Don't forget to donate to My cash app for Valentine's Day - My favorite holiday <3 Keep and eye on My onlyfans for updates and exclusive photos of My travels. You can subscribe at

If you are brave enough to take the next step of your fetish exploration farther, you can begin some sissy wardrobe changes that I mentioned above.

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