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It's been awhile since I've posted a blog. Despite all the vacations I have taken this year, there is quite a lot in the making, and closer to becoming a reality. 

For those of you who have seen Me since December, of course you have been to My current play space: a very 'at home' type of setting catering to sissy make overs, domestic servitude, and many of you have had your first kink explorations there. Though I do enjoy seeing slaves in a lifestyle setting, I am very happy to be near finalizing My second play space location, a proper dungeon. Expect to engage in more proper beat downs, kidnap fantasies, and cathartic abuse -Pain sluts rejoice! While select few will be worthy of My whip, I will still be engaging in My 'at home' play space, appointing a new house slave who can be fully committed to a consistent schedule. Cooking, cleaning, chastised, and surrendering all that they have for the improvement of My soon to be busy business career. 

Along with a new dungeon play space, I have secured a retail location for the infamous shop I work with, Vegan Boundary. Soon I will be acquiring a very handy and versatile slave(s) for labor and store upkeep. Do you have what it takes? Are you a working hog dedicated to paining walls, sanding floors, and hanging light fixtures? Maybe you are more suitable for office work like filing taxes, organizing invoices, and submitting payroll every week. These shop slave positions are for experienced loyal subs who will become collared and owned. There will be no turning back, so don't waste My time inquiring if you are new or don't have any office or management skills. 

Adventures in Seattle, Houston, Mexico, and Portland in the past 3 months have not dulled My lust for Femocracy. I have a sweet slave (let's call him pike) sending tributes purely for My entertainment. When I posted that I was craving a proper deep tissue foot massage, this boy came to My rescue through circle cash app. When I wanted a manicure, he wasted no time sending another cash gift. Even while in Houston a few days ago, he send a gift and expressed how he just wanted Me to enjoy My trip... wow! That is a good devoted slave. On the opposite side of My favorite list, of course I do have a shit list. Slave al has been acting up as always, absolutely terrified since I have locked his cock and taken the key away almost 2 months ago. Imagine having no release, no rewards, and in constant limbo because you can't figure out what you want. One day the boi pleaded for Me to own him and rule over every aspect of his pathetic life, the next day he begs for mercy to be let go and never seen again. I do not enjoy confused slaves with bipolar attitudes and confusion after their kink confessions. Thankfully the amateur behavior of this diaper boy has been omitted by other well behaved sissies making strides in servitude, training, and masturbation control.     With all of this being said, I will be staying in Salt Lake for some time. My next travels are not scheduled until September. Now is the time to impress Me with your commitment to kink, and submit yourself to more serious servitude. . 

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