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Kink Tax

Ah, it must be tax season! I can smell money in the air as more pathetic slaves have been begging for spankings, make overs, and the privilege of smelling My sweaty filthy feet! I have taken more keys, locked more cocks, and increasingly ruined lives far more this month than last "L-ocktober," haha! Which means that it's time to pay your in-CUM-tax!! 

I know you losers are jerking your disgusting worms to My photos. Why not send a gift in return? If My stalker Elaine can send $80 for a few seconds of My attention, then you can send proper gratitude from My wishlist.

Scum like you don't deserve to have that tiny pecker free to release. Get your hands off your clitlet for 5 minuets, go over to Malesation dot com and get yourself a proper cage.

After you get the cage, then guess what, loser? Say goodbye to wanking off day after day like a mindless ape.

This is the proper time to fill out your chastity application and follow your next instructions...

Little needle dicks like yours will never impress Me. Do you know what I want? I want your keys!

I want your chastity keys mailed to Me so your nasty maggot is under My control while you learn some behavior modification. I want to see photos of your caged manhood shrouded in pink lace panties, exactly what a little bitch like you secretly craves. I want to laugh at your emails that describe the fear you feel everyday at work, as the lace frills slip out for a peek in front of your co workers. I want you humiliated while you pee each time sitting down, because that is what a true locked sissy does. You will never be a real man, so just give up and surrender. You will never be with Me, but your keys can, haha! 

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