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My Birthday!!

It's been a long time since My last update. It really sucks when every blog post I make seems to be Me telling you losers how to properly behave. As you have probably seen on My social media posts, it's My birthday week, so lets get the ugly matter out of the way before you can read on how to spoil Me... My social media has been quiet, perhaps for too long. This has mostly been due to one slave in particular, lets call her Useless Jessica (you know who you are because I know you are reading this post). Useless Jessica will be the example of what I see in quite a few of you imbeciles: No respect for a Mistress / Goddess.

You see, Useless Jessica likes to send Me multiple massages from several social media accounts to tell Me how much they love Me and want to be with Me. Useless Jessica also tells Me about how much he jerks his useless dicklet to My pictures. It's common courtesy that if you are going to use a Goddess for her images to get yourself off then the least you can do is tribute. No matter how many messages you send about love and dreams they are all worthless in the end, just like you! And I am certain this extends to many of you out there, not just Useless Jessica. If you jerk off to any woman's photos and give her nothing in return, you should try jerking a rope around your neck instead, because a society of Femocracy has no use for submissives who contribute nothing.

Another quality I see too often in some of you: No real devotion. I get countless of emails, kik messages, and even text messages from lowly men telling Me they are submissive and wish to devote their lives to Me. These little men tell me repeatedly how much they will work for My gain, suffer for My luxury, and do anything to be at My side. However these weak men, along with Useless Jessica, can only afford to see me once every year. Hmmmm, that's odd for someone who says they would work and suffer for me, right? Useless Jessica stays up all night telling Me how much she loves Me, and how much she wishes to be owned as My property. I can not say that I blame her, I am a supreme Goddess far better than any other woman you will ever meet. I tell Useless Jessica to send Me her financial statements and monthly budget to help the poor sissy figure out how to serve Me more appropriately. As it turns out Useless Jessica likes to partake in his own luxuries such as excessive drinking- a two hundred dollar monthly expense. So while Useless Jessica claims to love Me and do anything for Me, in reality Useless Jessica loves the bottle more than being serious about submission. It is a nice idea to think you want to serve and be owned by Me, but I do not have time to waste on fantasies of fake slaves.  If you are genuine about long term servitude when you contact Me, know that you must be 100% committed to consistency! You and only you, must have enough desire to truly serve a Goddess, and only you can have enough courage to follow through with sessions and training. If you are wanting Me to go to your house to take your money (I'm talking about you- Idiot Teddy), bully you into sessions, or force you into servitude, then you weak beta slaves should seek out financial domination with Me- i.e. not hourly rate sessions.  It is vital to remember that your love does not pay the bills. Your devotion is not tribute if it does not come with worth. Remember My blog post a few months ago about side hustling for uber, instacart, and other app based jobs? Let's go back to Useless Jessica, who refused to get off their lazy ass and do any of that (but of course spent hours confessing their love for Me instead of doing actual work). Even if you are a poor beta male unable to directly tribute money, you may find that you actually hold value in you skills as a laborer, cleaning maid, masseuse, or maybe you can act as My secretary for a day.  So let's hope this information gets through your head. I grow tried of explaining "Real slave Submission 101" to newbs who spend all their time on dreaming of being in a collared relationship. 

Not everyone who sees Me for a session or inquires with Me are bad though. While Useless Jessica and Idiot Teddy are showcased to display what NOT to do as a sub/slave, I do have a few subs who have shown great character and even surprise Me from time to time. So here is a shout out to 'BitCoin slave' / 'Pike' / and 'subgirl E' because these are the ones who know how to act as a proper sub, even when they can't see Me RT for a session. They always show respect and have tributed when showing up late for a meeting or seeking out information. Even Pike likes to send little gifts here and there to let me know he thinks about me every now and then. These three are all professional career driven submissives. They have their shit together in their vanilla life which is how they indulge in their kinks so adequately. Some of you newbies should take notes from these upstanding kinksters.

On a much happier note- The house that I have resided in is up on the market. Should you be interested in owning a home in the West Valley area, while also owning and worshiping things such as the toilet My beautiful ass has sat on, I suggest you go look up MLS# 1641587 The sale of this house means the construction of My new dungeon, so as mentioned before: if you happen to be blessed in carpentry, excavation, plumbing, electrical, and all the fun stuff that goes into building a home, then contact Me to surrender yourself along with your services. 


If you keep up with twitter, which is honestly the best way to see My updates and schedule, then you have seen that it is My birthday! As your Goddess, this is a bigger deal that christmas. I have updated My amazon wish list, for those who wish to shop for something you would like to see Me wear, and as always I am accepting tributes via cash app. If you have cash app on your phone you may find me using the cash tag $ViciousFemdom or if you do not have the app you may tribute directly via this link:$viciousfemdom

Thanks to the assistance of a new slave of mine, I am now also taking bitcoin. This is a great option for all you over seas and foreign subs to show your respect to Me. Start saving and surrender now, because I celebrate for the entire duration of Scorpio. It's no surprise that someone as powerful and cruel as Me is a Scorpio, right?   

To celebrate the birth of the great Goddess that is Me I will be going to New Orleans to dine on delicious food and enjoy some much warmer weather. I will not be booking sessions Nov 23-27 so if you wish to see Me for a session you must do so before or after those dates. I mentioned above that a new dungeon will soon begin construction but will continue hosting RT session in My current play space, at least until June 2020. I am currently expanding My circle of powerful women- training new Dommes, so think about scheduling a Double or group session for My birthday because I love playing with friends!

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