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Too Busy for you...

Real Time sessions in SLC have resumed, though My booking dates are scarce. Can you blame a Mistress as beautiful as I, for wanting to spend My time with a REAL man that will never be you? Haha, that is why losers like you have to buy My attention, and pay for My pics! 

Speaking of paying Me, I suggest you download Circle Cash app to your phone, as that's what I use to take your tributes. The abundance of amazon gift cards is nice, but nothing makes Me smile more than seeing your CASH transferring into My bank account. 

  On a happier note for you worms- Miss HarliQueen is regularly visiting SLC, even though she has relocated to Portland. This means Double Domme sessions are back, if your tiny manhood can handle it. As you can guess, you are not worthy of her attention, so at this time the only way to serve Miss Dominatrix HarliQueen is through double sessions with Me. 

My kink quickies have been growing in popularity :) As you guessed, I'm just too busy for you, haha! I've had fun dishing out a few lashes and kicking pathetic worms during My daily down time. Consultations and cash meets have been filling what little last min time I have as well, but remember that if you want something more than a slap to satisfy your urges and keep you in line, you will still have to book any session longer than 1 hour in advance. I do not tend to do same day meets, but as you can imagine, a few boys grow quite frightened upon realizing the reality of meeting Me face-to-face, so they flake. This is why adding Me via kik works well, for those of you wish to serve Me at any moment I demand. It's the fastest way to contact Me, because the only way you will get My phone number is if you pay for My phone. So click the link to show your true devotion, or just send a little something for Me to be pampered with spa treatments. It's not easy being this much better than you, or any other woman you may know, as I require upscale luxury. 

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