Ah, it must be tax season! I can smell money in the air as more pathetic slaves have been begging for spankings, make overs, and the privilege of smelling My sweaty filthy feet! I have taken more keys, locked more cocks, and increasingly ruined lives far more this month than last "L-ocktober," haha! Which means that it's time to pay your in-CUM-tax!! 

I know you losers are jerking your disgusting worms to My photos. Why not send a gift in return? If My stalker Elaine can send $80 for a few seconds of My attention, then you can send proper gratitude from My wishlist.

Scum like you don't deserve to have that tiny pecker free to release. Get your hands off your clitlet for 5 minuets, go over to Malesation dot com and get yourself a proper cage.

After you get the cage, then guess what, loser? Say goodbye to wanking off day after day like a mindless ape.

This is the proper time to fill out your chastity application and follow your next instructions...

Little needle dicks like yours will never impress Me. Do you know what I want? I want your keys!

I want your chastity keys mailed to Me so your nasty maggot is under My control while you learn some behavior modification. I want to see photos of your caged manhood shrouded in pink lace panties, exactly what a little bitch like you secretly craves. I want to laugh at your emails that describe the fear you feel everyday at work, as the lace frills slip out for a peek in front of your co workers. I want you humiliated while you pee each time sitting down, because that is what a true locked sissy does. You will never be a real man, so just give up and surrender. You will never be with Me, but your keys can, haha! 

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

It is THAT time of year again, little pigs! 

This weekend is My birthday, which means the entire duration of Scorpio reigning over the rest of you weak pathetic zodiacs, is celebrated in My honor.  Click HERE to gift Me with something from My wish list, or if you have something special in mind, send a giftcard to

While I have had an elderly female stalker devoting her every breath to following My existence for this past month, I have been busy spitting in faces, stepping on balls, and flogging minuscule men until they bleed. What else is new? HAHA! So don't be like crazy old Elaine Ollerton George and expect to see My content for free. Losers pigs have to subscribe! New Only Fans Members Only!! And while you idiots are signing up for things, download iBotta and use code: buxwqsi   and also download Dosh using code SPAMT2 These are coupon apps you should start training yourself with, because Jan 2019 I will be appointing a lucky slut to be My personal shopper, along with another for the household. Familiarize yourself with coupon cutting, digital coupons, and budget apps like a good maid would - you will be tested when applying, little sissy!

I took a break from sessions and went on a mini vacation for My birthday last week. Did you worms feel worthless and stuff your gluttonous bodies to cope with the absence of your Goddess? I know a lot of you piglets are becoming full blown pigs. A true pig is measured by his wallet size, not his waist size. So it's time to quit the indulgences of the holiday and get your sub body back. Forced fitness is a fun kink I will be beginning a full ongoing program for in the new year, but some of you don't realize this goes both ways.  Over Thanksgiving weekend here in the US, I had a UK piggy who wishes to become a hog. FINmessage is a great site to always reach Me on because I know those who engage on it are devoted and serious. So I spent the weekend conversing with this future boar, counting his calories, adjusting his sugar intake, restricting his physical activity.... just the opposite of what most of you would expect from a fitness program. He is already quite pleased and on his way to becoming the fat submissive slob he has dreamed of.  

Some good news for all of you closet fags out there- Master J has relocated to SLC, meaning those of you who have inquired about serving both a Dom and Domme in double domination sessions can soon have your wish. Mind you, Master Jay is not trans and does not engage in cuckold. CD makeovers and transformations are still best left to be done by TV Mistress Dalisea. Soon Master J's listings and blog will be up, so keep your sissy eyes open should you wish to submit to a powerful male master for solo sessions.  

And finally-- A special shout out to "slave tony" for the lovely gift. Even if you are too scared to meet or have a full session, do know your place and what a true Goddess deserves. Always take pride in your submissive self, and give your goddess something personal from her wish list to truly make a lasting positive impression.  

Too many worthless little maggots have been throwing themselves at Me lately. "Let me cook for you.", "Please allow me to clean for you." I get dozens of proposals like these weekly. I don't need anymore house boys or maids, and those who have had the pleasure of cleaning the ground I walk on still provide tribute. Stop contacting Me thinking your labor is proper compensation for My time.  

There are plenty of ways to make money and extra income, that you would surrender to ME of course- 

Lyft, food delivery, online surveys, or even just sell all the extra shit in your house that you have been hoarding. It's time for you to start taking your desire to serve more seriously. Actually commit and stop dreaming, you fools. Offering your "fantastic cleaning services" won't get you far. Unless you are a professional cleaner or own a business dedicated to such, you will not meet My expectations - I can guarantee that! 

It can be hard to find proper motivation, especially when you have nothing to offer a Goddess.  One fool of mine had a great idea- He suggested that I sign up for an instacart account (that is grocery delivery, but this can work with many types of delivery apps). After I activated MY account, he proceeded to meet with Me, where he drove and did all of the work while I collected. I laid in the back of his car, like a taxi service, blowing My cigarette smoke in his pathetic face and ignoring him as I chatted with friends on My phone. It was certainly fun following him into shops like Costco, degrading and commanding the fool while he  completed the shopping tasks I was being paid for.  Sometimes I would allow him to clean My shoes after a few trips of walking on that dirty Costco floor, or other perks depending on how well he did. That is how we spend out time together.

The point being- This fool works a full time job and goes to school, but still took the initiative to think of a way to prove his worth, and find of a new fun way for interactive domination. Just the other day I signed up for a Bird account. This means the little pig will now be gathering electric scooters at night after his long day of studying, and charging them at his house over night. So even while he sleeps he will still be making money for Me, proving his value and that he is worth My time.

Can you do more than just dream of making Me that happy?  You have no excuse, little maggot.  

No one cares what you look like. 

I have no use for cocks or bodies. Telling Me how good looking you are and the size of your worm will only disgust Me and delete your message. 

I have a REAL MAN, that will never be you, and you're an idiot to think I would be interested in a sub or slave body anyways. Don't insult Me by thinking you are something special, because you are not! Too many messages I receive contain disgusting little persuasions-  "I am good looking."  "My cock is x inches big."  I will tell you now that is an instant BLOCK. I don't give a shit what you look like. Anyone who has to brag about that is obviously lying. If you were honestly THAT good looking, you wouldn't be emailing Me at 4am begging to suck a dick and drink My piss from a jar. If you tell Me how good looking you are I am going to assume it's because you want to be whored out and gang raped at gay bars. 'Good looking' slaves are always the most disappointing dumb pieces of shit out there. They go about life assuming they get whatever they want because of their appearance. Those are the type of people -kinky or not- who belong on the arm of a wealthy elderly man prancing down the beaches of Mexico.

'Ugly slaves' are always the most satisfying and receive the best rewards because they try hard. They don't let their narcissistic worm get in the way of where they truly belong in society. Real slaves do not have an ego. 

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